King Solomon Award Recipients

The King Solomon Award is a means for recognizing the outstanding works of a Brother from our Lodge. ¬†Usually a Brother who has previously received the Hiram Award and years later is still serving the Lodge with distinction; the Lodge acknowledges that Brother’s continued dedication to Masonry.

While serving as a Master of the Lodge is the highest recognition that can be bestowed upon a brother, Reading Lodge # 254 has several ways to distinguish a brother for outstanding service: By becoming an Officer, The Hiram Award, The King Solomon Award, Honorary membership or some other means of recognition.

Recipient Year
Randy S. Plummer, PM 2014
Bruce R. Galloway, PM 2013
Howard D. Kirkpatrick, PGM 2012
Myron A. Tisdel, PM 2012
Thomas E. Kurth, PM 2009
Kenwood E. Benton, PM 2005
Paul E. Dawson, PM 2005
James T. Hull, Sr. 2002